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Healthy Lunchbox Recipes 


Cheese Quesadilla

    Cheese and Apple Couscous
    Cheese Scones
    Spinach and Cheese Pasta
    Cheese, Chicken and Sweetcorn Parcels
    Tomato Soup and Cheese Dumplings
    Tortilla Stars with Cheesy Dip
    Cheese and Pepperoni Twists
    Snack-sized Fougasse
    Cheese and Marmite Bread

Cheese is tasty and nutritious: this is why it is such a great food to include in your children’s lunchboxes. All the recipes provided on this page have been ideated and tested by TV chef (and father) Peter Sidwell and are the perfect shake-up to your children’s usual school meals.

The campaign was designed following a recent survey commissioned by the British Cheese Board which highlighted how popular cheese is amongst children and parents. This UK-wide survey was carried out amongst 500 children and parents and showed that over 20% of children eat cheese every day and 45% eat it every other day. Only 1% of children surveyed said they never ate cheese – a testament to cheese’s fame. Click on the links to access the full surveys on children and parents.

And remember, cheese is a source of calcium, protein, phosphorus and vitamin B12, all of which are important for your kids’ development. For more information on children’s nutritional and dietary requirements visit The Dairy Council website at

So how about:

Mixing some grated British Cheddar with fresh tomatoes in a tortilla wrap (cheese quesadilla)
Filling home-made parcels with Lancashire cheese, sweetcorn and cooked chicken (cheese, chicken and sweetcorn parcels) 
Creating puff pastry twists with Red Leicester and pepperoni (cheese and pepperoni twists)

Blending spinach, pine nuts and Wensleydale cheese for a fresh pesto for pasta (spinach pesto and cheese pasta)
Bread-making with smoked cheese (snack-sized fougasse)

These are just a few ideas to spice things up in the kitchen when preparing your kids’ school meals. For more fun culinary creations, check out the recipes listed on this page. They are simple and quick, and have been ideated with busy parents in mind. Try them and let us know what you think!

For more information on the different types of British cheese and their specific characteristics, visit our dedicated information page.

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