Blue Cheshire

Like many of our historic blue cheeses, Blue Cheshire was often an accident arising from the traditional Cheshire making process. Whole cheeses would be stored in barns and as they dried out their coats might crack and allow environmental moulds to enter the cheese. The penicillium roqueforti mould is endemic and particularly so in areas where leather saddles and reins might have been stored. Some cheeses went blue and were seen as a highly desirable accident! The process is now better managed and a number of Cheshire dairies are now making first class Blue cheeses which have the firm texture of Cheshire and a light veining that gives the cheese a unique flavour – gentle when young (although quite sharp when too young) and becoming stronger as it ages. Current makers include Belton Cheese, Joseph Heler, HS Bourne and Reeces of Malpas.