The Lancashire Dairies


There are 10 Lancashire Cheese Makers all situated within 10 miles of the Trough of Bowland, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.All the cheese makers make Lancashire Cheese in the traditional method using Lancashire milk.

The Lancashire Cheese Makers in Lancashire range in size but all own and make the cheese themselves and in most cases they are second, third and fourth generation family businesses:


One of the largest Lancashire Cheese makers; second generation business run by husband and wife team Colin & Gillian Hall

JJ Sandhams

Third generation dairy that only makes Lancashire Cheese; run by Chris Sandham from the same dairy and house that his great grandfather built


Fourth generation cheesemakers Peter Proctor and his wife Grace - both from respective important cheese making families in the area


Third generation family owned Lancashire cheesemakers, managed by Nick and Richard Kenyon, and producers of a multi award winning range of Lancashire cheese and the famous Garstang Blue

Leagram Organic

Led by organic Lancashire Cheese maker Bob Kitching, famous for his impressive cheesemaking demonstrations

Mrs Kirkhams

The best-known Lancashire Cheese, and unpasturised Lancashire cheese made from three-day curd from the dairy's own herd


One of the larger cheesemakers and producers of the famous 'Grandma Singletons', the most mature of all the Lancashire Cheeses


Second generation husband and wife team producing unpasturised Lancashire


Husband and wife team who recently won the Gold Medal for their Crumbly Lancashire at the Nantwich International Cheese Show

Carron Lodge

Uses its own milk to make Lancashire Cheese and operates a successful wholesale business from the farm