Low fat cheeses

To cater for those consumers who are looking to reduce their calorie or fat intake, there are a number of lower fat / lower calorie cheeses now available. How these cheeses are labelled is determined by law and there are three distinct categories:


- Reduced Fat cheese must have at least 30 percent less fat than the standard cheese against which it is being compared.


- Half Fat cheese - a number of cheeses still use this designation, but in reality, they are a subset of Reduced Fat cheese but have at least 50% less fat than the standard cheese against which it is being compared e.g."Half Fat Farmhouse - half the fat of Farmhouse Cheddar".


- Low Fat cheese must have less than 3% fat. Examples include Low Fat Cottage cheese, Low Fat cheese spread (e.g. a low fat “Philadelphia style” cheese) or Low Fat Hard cheese (e.g. Weight Watchers).


Moisture and protein levels in these three types of cheese are higher than the comparable whole milk cheese and consequently calcium levels are also higher.